About Us

God First Life Second is a bold faith statement that was birth from the Facebook description of founder John Mason who actually met his wife on Facebook, co-founder Sher'na Mason...who later wanted to share it with the world out of their uncompromising passion for God's Truth.

The promotion of the statement started with the official Facebook page and it spread to t-shirts. As they begin to where the t-shirts, people would come up to them with many different responses, mostly "Amens!" and "That's rights!". They saw that the message on the shirt brought God glory and led people to a discussion of their faith in Him allowing them to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This was an opportunity to see the message reach people in public places, in churches, youth events, malls, and neighborhoods all over the world. The official God First, Life Second company was established in late 2012 with plans to see the message spread through multiple mediums and keep the conversation about faith in God first ongoing which has the potential to lead millions to Jesus Christ. All for His glory, and this is just the beginning!